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Rehab your Body at Home

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is 7 Hours of Rehabilitating Workouts. Workouts include Back, Shoulder, Hip & Knees, Ankle Foot, Elbow & Hand, Abs & Flexibility. Benefits include; strengthen and rehabilitate injuries, work at your own pace, and safe for people of all ages. Bonus: Free Flexibility Video!
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Perfect Martial Arts Workout

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is a series of exercises that have their lineage from the martial arts system created by Chojun Miyagi. Although originally designed for martial purposes their very movements can help promote a stronger body and mind. The exercises will strengthen participants balance and coordination, along with one’s focus and discipline.
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Isometric Workouts

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is seven, 15 minute, muscle building workouts that were created by renowned fitness trainer JB Berns, whom Fitness Magazine has voted as one of America's Top Ten Personal Trainers. The workouts do not use weights, props or fitness machines. Burn fat and build muscle while you follow JB to a stronger more defined body. All you will ever need to get in shape and stay in shape are these heart-pumping sculpting and toning workouts.
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Deante Dance Workouts

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is a compilation of both percussive and liquid movements that strengthen and support your core, while lengthening and elongating your entire body. The movement is a combination of contractions, curves, spirals and strikes that move in a fluid, yet rhythmic pattern of dynamic choreography. Inspired by the shapes and forms found in both the Lester Horton & Martha Graham technique.
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