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Twenty First Century Physiques

The Company creates and develops fitness programs for the group fitness and home fitness markets. Unlike most infomercial fitness products, the twenty first century physiques exercise systems are designed and performed by the best group fitness and personal trainers in the world and tested in the professional group fitness area.  Instructors like Gay Gasper, Keli Roberts, Patrick Goudeau, Steve Feinberg, Patricia Mareno, Greg Cook, Amy Bento,  Kristin Mcgee, Greg Simms, Kendra Kemerley and Micheal Nevermind to name a few are all featured on their own DVD’s within the exercise protocol and brand.

The Companies latest long form direct response shows include Elevated Urban Rebounder and Cardio Karate.

In addition to tv advertisement Twenty First Century Physiques sells its programming to HSN, Shop NBC and several of the major retail outlets. The Companies shows can be seen in 18 Countries, 9 languages and millions of people have become healthier using TFCP Products.


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